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At Ahoon Freight, our mission is to simplify the movement of good that helps communities thrive. Our customers range from carriers, dispatchers, loaders and shippers, to internal teams that use our platform and tools. we have technology teams based in Addis Ababa, India, and the US. Who are ready to take on the everyday and future challenges of the transportation industry. In the future, we aim to not only help customers find loads but also help them with every logistical aspect of running a successful business by improving thier efficieny.

Fast. Easy. Affordable

All your deliveries on your fingertips. We are an On-Demand Delivery service we aim to provide FAST, EASY, but affordable delivery of goods. Our main focus is making the whole process of delivery of goods convenient for our customers while being cost effective at the same time. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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Ahoon offers on demand delivery and courier services for business and consumers. Be it a document, small parcel bulky goods, our partners will get them delivered. your delivery request will be sent to ahoon's networks of our partners and approved drivers based on thier GPS location. once Accepted by a partner driver a conformation will sent. you can send any number of parcels with out limit